Startup Ventures & Feasibility Studies

  • Logistics
  • QRS (Quick Response Strategy)
  • Fast Fashion
  • Tech Pacs
  • WIP ( Work In Process)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Machinery Procurement
  • Import & Export
  • Business Plans
  • Social Media Planning

Whether you want to start a small domestic line, or go big on or offshore, Heart-Hunters Consulting can help get you started. Our detailed feasibility studies will determine style marketability in relationship to fabric and labor price and demographic target market. Proper fabric and fabric availability will be addressed. We can help you decide whether to manufacture domestically or offshore.


startupsHHC offers full business plan services

If you are a start-up and need a business plan with full accountant-based documentation, we are here to help.

About Valerie

Valerie Cooper has been on the front lines in the garment industry for over 35 years. She is well experienced in everything from designing and production engineering to importing issues and garment costing. Her career has taken her to every major fashion capital in the world. READ MORE>