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Production Management & QC

  • Lab dips- Color matching, & Strick Offs
  • Textile Quality Control
  • Cutting Room Quality and Management
  • Garment Quality Control & Quality Assessment
  • Quality standards and quality testing
  • Tech Pac Services and Guidance
  • Supply Chain management
  • Maximum piece goods utilization
  • Markers and Marker Management
  • Spec packs – ASTM Standards
  • Wet Processing
  • Production Trouble Shooting
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Full Package Services
  • Logistics
  • QRS (Quick Response Strategy)
  • Fast Fashion
  • WIP (Work In Process)
  • Machinery Procurement

Today garment and soft-lines manufacturing is changing quickly and every day. We hear from domestic brands all the time that they are working with a factory, and are having quality and/or delivery issues. We also hear about one shipment being good, and the next is late or has quality problems.

The international playing field is unstable and uncertain, especially when it comes to tariffs and duties. Many brands are looking to reshore, and are facing towards home. Heart Hunters Consulting has been getting ready for this for some time now, and has been on the ground building a strong and firm foundation. We are now able to offer full project management, onsite and remote-QC services, as well as our basic consulting services.

Many of the brands that are returning home have always used third party inspection companies, agents, and buying offices to manage their off- shore projects. We really do not have many domestic inspection services. HHC is always surprised to hear from established brands that they know very little about pre-production and product development. There is also sticker shock when they find out that product development costs money in the U.S.A. Not all domestic factories are full package, and if they are you will pay for these services.

Heart Hunters Consulting offers full package with QC. We also offer the option to manage your project for you. Our project management services are for already established ongoing U.S. projects, as well as new U.S. projects. Many factories in America will tell you they have Q.C. (quality assurance), but the reality it is that you, as a brand, must set the quality standards and guidelines for the factory to adhere to.

Pre- Production

Sourcing & Shrink Testing

We offer every type of sourcing for fabrics and trims; from workable MQO domestically, to off-shore.

Tech Pacs – Patterns & Samples

For many brands Tech Pacs are considered a hard and fast blueprint for fit and quality of a garment. HHC is amazed that most Tech Pacs are made before the brand has made the first pattern and a fit sample out of the approved fabric in a base size that fits their model. HHC believes that there is no longer a standard fit, and that a brand must establish that fit and grade rules (differences between sizes).

A Tech Pac is an ongoing process until you have applied your grade rules and approved your PPS’s (pre-production samples) in all sizes in the exact fabric that the garments will be manufactured in. We have you start with a detailed CAD drawing and a test fit garment that fits your fit model in a fabric as near as possible to the fabric you are sourcing. This garment should be as basic as possible, and be a true fit for your fit model.

From the CAD drawing and test garment the first pattern and first fit sample garment is made from the actual fabric you will use for production. Once that garment has been fitted on your fit model and adjusted, a second fit sample is made if needed. If you change your fabric, then new samples must be made to make sure the pattern does not need to be adjusted. Only when you have a base sized garment that fits and has been approved can you apply your grade rules and make your PPS’s in all sizes. If you are not ready for PPS’s and only need one size sample to get a bid from the factory or salesmen samples in one size, that is fine. But when you are ready for production you will need true POM’s (points of measure) on all sizes you are cutting. True POM’s can only be taken from finished garments, not from a computer. Once your PPS’s are approved, then you can drop all your POMs for all sizes into your Tech Pac. This is all part of correct pre-production management.

Once your fabric and trims are sourced, PPS’s are approved, and your Tech Pac is complete, you can move forward with bulk production.

Production Management

Fabric Check In

Marker & CW (cuttable Width)

Cut Ticket Approval and QC on Cut Floor for Fabric

TOP Inspection (Top of Production): QC check that first garments off the production line are as per approved sample and tech pac

Mid Production Inspection

Exit Factory Inspection

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