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Product Development

  • Sourcing (Fabric Procurement)
  • Pattern Making & Draping
  • Product Development Tech Packs
  • Costing
  • Samples
  • Draping
  • Spec packs – ASTM Standards
  • Contractor locating
  • Industrial stitching and garment specifications
  • Website design for start ups
  • Vendor Compliance Manuals
  • Social and Environmental Compliance
  • Grading Rules & Fit Management

  • Size Specs

  • Packaging Design

  • R&D for New Textiles

Complete product development services are offered for both new and on-going manufacturers. One of the biggest problems today is finding reliable garment contractors. Heart Hunters works with some of the best contractors remaining in the USA. We also work with some of the best offshore contractors with low minimums. Take your pick from our extensive al a carte menu, or have us design your whole production program from beginning to end.

Setting standards for garment and product quality assessment and quality control is an important and major part of product development. Heart Hunters can assist your company with establishing and implementing quality standards and best practices. On and off site evaluation is available.

productMore and more factories are requesting proper Tech Packs; especially if you are going to work offshore. When working domestically a Tech Pack will help bring your project to life in a fast efficient manner. Let us help you get the best Tech Pack for your project.

Heart-Hunters Consulting also offers:

Environmentally sustainable & socially compliant garment manufacturing alternatives. There is a choice now, for green textile sourcing, and green garment manufacturing.

In addition we offer complete prototyping, product development and manufacturing services for all soft lines, not just garments.

Heart-Hunters Consulting has been working hard to listen to and understand the changing needs of our planet and concerns of our society. HHC is working closely with textile suppliers of Organic Cotton, Hemp, etc., that are finished and dyed with environmentally correct processes. We are also working offshore with third party labor “Sweat Free” auditing groups like WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and working with standards such as ISO 26000, ISO9000, and SA8000. We are using factories that are environmentally compliant with EWRAP (Environmental Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and Eco-tex 100.

Valerie Cooper is attending lectures and workshops on an ongoing basis to bring her clients the latest and most progressive findings in these matters. Heart-Hunters Consulting can guide their clients down the correct path for locating environmentally correct textile mills and socially compliant sewing contractors both domestically and offshore. There is a choice now, for green textile sourcing and green manufacturing.

About Valerie

Valerie Cooper has been on the front lines in the garment industry for over 35 years. She is well experienced in everything from designing and production engineering to importing issues and garment costing. Her career has taken her to every major fashion capital in the world. READ MORE>