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This has been a fast-paced year so far! Heart Hunters Consulting was chosen to work on the Disney-licensed Tron Legacy accessories. We worked with our wonderful support team in China to assure that all items were socially and environmentally compliant. We passed California Prop 65 with flying colors. Hard-line accessories such as pendants, belt buckles, dog tags and key chains are now a strong part of our product development services.

In March of 2011, Heart Hunters Consulting went to Detroit to work with Motor City Denim on a job with Joe Faris from Project Runway. We are proud to announce that the spirit of American-based manufacturing is alive and living in Detroit.

HHC also worked with the US Navy on a domestic project concerning their dress uniforms. Working on such a project requires the highest levels of Q & A with a strong knowledge and foundation of ASTM standards. Again we are proud to say that our factories here at home in the USA are up to the task.

We were asked to throw our hat in the ring for a large research project for DuPont!