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Happy New Year! This has been one crazy year and now here we are, January 2021, and 2020 is behind us. HHC is still strong and on the ground making things happen. We have, like all businesses during Covid, had to attend our trade shows virtually. The good news is that HHC’s business model from the beginning has been to work remote virtually, so this was not hard for us.

HHC is ready for 2021 and is here to help ongoing businesses as well as startups. We are proud to announce that we can now offer state of the art 3D based product development, as well as traditional product development. We continue to expand our sustainable sourcing services. We have access to the new enviro textiles that are being offered to our industry, and we are tracking new developments as they happen.

Don’t miss the live link at the bottom of our website for ECOTEXTILE NEWS. HHC will be attending online webinars on new developments in sustainable textiles and green manufacturing practices. We are a knowledge based consultancy with total transparency in the labor and supply chain. One of our primary focuses is to work with our clients, and offer them the knowledgebase needed to run their our business without the “Middle Man”.