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Here it is August, and we are still living in very uncertain times. One thing that is certain however, we here in the U.S.A. have always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. HHC has slowly but surely been building a strong foundation for our startups to build upon. We are able to offer small batch in New York and Los Angeles. Dallas is no longer an option for small batch, but we can offer pattern making in Dallas, Miami, New York & Los Angeles. We make the samples in LA or NY. However, we can work with you no matter where you live if you have a UPS or a FedEx account and a computer with a camera you are up and running.

The factories no longer have the time to work with startups the way they should be worked with. It is our philosophy at HHC that it is best to do your product development in an incubator setting with no pressure to place an order from the factory. HHC believes that it is best for the brand to have total control over their product development process. We teach our clients how to work with their fabric vendors, pattern makers, and sample makers. We teach you about fit, and how a garment or product is made. We teach you about fabric sourcing while we are sourcing for you. Many startups want to be hands on, this is very possible with remote fittings as well; we have found Zoom to be very workable for fittings.

It is very important if you are a startup wanting to make small batch to understand that 25-50 units per style cannot be done for the same cost as 300 units per style. With that being said, if you are wanting to do small batch, your products will be higher price. If you are looking to make small batch low-price products or garments, this is not possible. You need to have skilled sewers working on your products, and they must be paid a living wage to live in America.