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We are late in posting updates to the website this year due to all the new domestic projects we have been working on. This year has gone by quickly, and re-shoring is not just a topic at the dinner table, but is becoming a reality. If you read Valerie Coopers CV, you will know that she is a native of Los Angeles, California. HHC is now proud to offer production management and onsite QC (quality assurance).

We also offer full package in LA for all new and ongoing projects. We also have added a new page to the website titled Project Management & QC. Please visit our new page to learn more about these services. For those that need a clear understanding of pre-production and the tech pac process, it is good reading.

Small Batch LA & Dallas

We are also now able to offer small batch in LA and Dallas. Please note that brands that wish to produce quantities as low as 25-50 units will not get the same cut and sew prices as the brands cutting 300 units. Startup brands wishing to do small batch should be on the higher end on the pricing scale to be cost effective.

We are always being asked by grass roots startup designers if we can use their patterns.  All homemade patterns from non-production pattern makers will have to be trued up (made production ready) by a production pattern maker. All homemade patterns must have sample that fits your fit model, as well to check against pattern. We love our startups, but we need you to understand that the sample rooms and factories want you production ready.