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Corizon Project –
The Corizon project is well under way. The focus group in July was a big success. The Corizon Spin-Knit machine is set up and running at NCSU. Brands are still being invited to view the machine. Please contact Heart Hunters Consulting for more information on how to proceed.

Requests are still being considered to participate in R&D with this game changing technology. R&D opportunities are also being considered in Germany as well.

The Corizon machine by Terrot technology combines spinning and knitting in one machine, offering the possibility to operate with less staff and overall savings of up to 20%. This game-changing technology is also GREEN, and leaves less of a carbon footprint. There are quality improvements, such as a softer, lighter hand, without having to use any softeners. The softness never washes out because it is part of the fabric, not on it. Corizon compares very favorably with that of ring and rotor spinning.  Also significant is the savings in fiber used, given the fact that the coverage of Corizon is greater than conventional knit, thus opening the possibility to manufacturing lighter fabrics with very good opaque cover. www.future-fabrics.de