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Sourcing at Magic- The Future Is Here

Automation & The Micro Factory

HHC attended sourcing at Magic, CNC- Computer Numerical Control was the main attraction.


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Here is a good write-up from the on-line publication Textile World. There are still many factories here in the USA that are old school, and do not use any type of automation or CNC. With that being said, robotics and automation are the future and an inevitability for the garment industry.  I remember when I used to take my commercial sewing students at University of Arkansas over to see Dr. Fant. He was a professor of industrial engineering, and was conducting R&D with robots and CNC. We wanted to see if the robots could sew; the answer is – of course. One of my students asked me: “Why do we need to learn how to sew if robots will be doing it all soon?” My answer was “Because someone has to teach the robots”.