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Bringing it Home in a Big Way

Walmart’s  Domestic Re-shoring Program

HHC is proud to to be working with OMO ( Ozark Mountain Outfitter ) brand on the Walmart re-shoring tee shirt program. We helped bring those jobs home; we cut, sewed, and screened over 55,000 high quality tee shirts in Los Angeles. Even with the rise in wages in California we were able to produce an outstanding garment in fully licensed CA factories.

HHC was able to bring our years of experience to the table, and put a dream team of players together for this project. We were able to help our client OMO prepare and pass the high standards and testing required for Walmart’s testing at CTL (Consumer Testing Labs). This is not a widely known fact, but Walmart requires all vendors to pass extremely rigorous ASTM standards. All fabrics were also milled and dyed with environmentally compliant standards. CTL also requires that all labels and packaging be environmentally compliant as well.