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Tidal Vision Updates – Award from the EPA 

tidalvisionHHC met with leading spinners such as Buhler Yarns and world class R & D companies like Lenzing to begin talks to test spinning and blending the chitosan fiber with fibers like Tencel. Their crab shell chitin extraction plant is finally finished, and running good.

They are going to operate in Washington, and are currently setting up a chitosan modification lab and warehouse.  They built a small scale chitosan fiber extruder, and are in the middle of building 2 larger ones now.  They expect  to have chitosan fiber production fully underway by mid to late December. With every step in the supply chain they take,  they are able to recycle the chemicals used, which is why they just won an award from the EPA for their patent-pending chitosan extractor and extruder.

They already have a number of customers lined up. Some are established companies that want to buy a finished textile from them with their chitosan fiber in it, and others just want to buy Tidal Vision’s fiber and do their own manufacturing domestically and overseas. Please contact HHC if you are interested in working with this cutting edge new sustainable fiber.

Update On Milan ITMA Nov 2015
ZDHC –  Zero Discharge Of Hazardous Chemicals By 2020. Was the big subject of discussion this year http://www.roadmaptozero.com The garment and textile industry is one of the largest polluters.

This years  ITMA show was one of the largest to date and Zero Discharge was the key note and undertone everywhere you turned.  HHC attended the Textile Colourant and Chemical Forum:  http://colour.sdc.org.uk/2015/12/the-textile-colourant-and-chemical-leaders-forum-itma-2015

“John Mowbray (MCL Global) explained the impact of the Greenpeace DETOX campaign program, how it had evolved and how the textile industry brand leaders and retailers had responded. A number of leading brands had committed to the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) in their supply chain by 2020.“

Lutz Walter
Secretary GeneralThe European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing, ETP

The USA is a little behind in ZDHC but there were many US based companies at the forum taking notes and very much aware of this mandate. HHC will stay on the front lines and continue to work with as many environmentally sustainable and compliant companies as possible.