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2012 is almost half-over and HHC has much to report.

U.S. based sewing contractors still have a strong presence in America. HHC is continually working to find more hard-working, reliable sewing contractors to service our domestic-based clientele.

As of March 15 2012 The U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement took effect. HHC was in South Korea in Jan 2012 on the ground floor of this wonderful trade opportunity. This agreement works both ways, for both import and export. South Korean manufacturing quality is one of the highest in the world. Their workmanship and quality has been favorably compared with European standards. We now have opened the doors to work with some of the best factories in SK. HHC met with KOTRA ( Korean Trade -Investment Agency) to learn about all the aspects of the upcoming, now-in-effect trade agreement. The South Korean economy is strong and US-made goods are in high demand. HHC is back in SK this spring /summer, fine-tuning the contacts made earlier this year.

While we were in Asia we visited our trade partners Blueberrybook USA, with offices in Guangzhou China. BBB also has a product development office in California. HHC can offer our clients the highest quality standards available in China. BBB has an on-task quality assurance team working in the field with our factories. We use socially compliant factories and are Disney-approved for
our jewelry and metal-based hard lines . We have worked on the Han Cholo / Tron Disney project. We are working with a Flud / Disney jewelry collection and are in the process of working with a Hello Kitty Jewelry collection. Sunglasses are also available as well as clothing and accessories.

As always our textile-sourcing data base is being updated. This is being done by attending many textile shows, both domestically and internationally.