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Tidal Vision –
HHC is getting involved in some very innovative new products and technologies. We have been working with Tidal Vision, which is making fabric out of Chitin, and wallets out of salmon skins. I am putting links below to Tidal Vision’s press release and background information on my site. This is not something that I normally do, but I am so proud and honored to be working with them. Tidal Vision represents the type of sustainable projects HHC loves to work on. When they could not find the right extruder for processing their yarn, they stepped up and are now building their own!

Upcoming events: Nov. 2015
ITMA Milan Italy
HHC will be attending one of the largest expos in the textile  industry. This event is only held every 4 years; ITMA is an expo venue that showcases all of the new and existing innovations in sustainable manufacturing. This includes fiber, yarns, dying, printing and machinery. I will be posting information about this event after attending the expo in November. As always, HHC is on the front lines so that we can bring our clients the most innovative and sustainable manufacturing alternatives available.