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HHC primary mission is to work with as many quality domestic factories as possible. But if a client elects to work off shore we offer state of the art production and quality assurance solutions. Vendor compliance and vendor compliance manuals are our specialty.

Shenzhen China – HHC went to Shenzhen China to help restructure one of our clients production facilities there. We are pleased to be able to offer this type of service to our clients. Before the trip we were given a list of production problems that needed to be corrected. Each issue was pre-worked before the trip and detailed documents were prepared and translated, with pictures. Upon arrival at the factory we worked with our client, translator and the head tailors at the factory to solve each issue one at a time. Our inspection partner in China also met with us at the factory to observe the quality problems and how the issues were being resolved.

Now all the quality control issues in the future can be solved one by one remote with our China inspection partners and HHC. The inspection company prepares detailed reports with pictures documenting any and all quality issues. HHC then provides corrective action instructions on how to solve each quality issue. This is a quality control and assurance program that is proactive. HHC works with the factory in China, our client and our inspection partners to provide real solutions to each quality issue found during the inspection process. This way the problems are found and corrected before the garments leave the factory. Most inspection processes only identify the quality problems, we solve them. HHC also offers this type of service for our domestic clients as well.

Hong Kong – After our project in Shenzhen we spent some time in Hong Kong working with our product development team there. HHC is working with a London based company in Hong Kong that provides tech packs for the pre-production needs of our clients working in China.