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MAGIC: Heart Hunters Consulting continues to to stay closely tuned to the “Heart Beat” Of the industry. MAGIC was busy and alive with many prospects. There were lots of new vendors at the sourcing show, and our data base is full of new contacts. We walked all the venues….Project, Workroom, Slate, Street and of course MAGIC. The beat is strong and our industry is alive and doing well. Please remember that HHC does product development for many other items beside garments. If it can be made we can help you get your prototype done; and your production priced, and to market.

SOUTH KOREA: HHC’S team on the ground in South Korea is finely tuned and ready for business. We have quality assurance and sourcing in place. We have found and are working with good solid factories.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TECH PACKS: HHC is pleased to announce that we are now working with spot-on Tech Pack people. More and more factories are requesting proper Tech Packs; especially if you are going to work off shore. When working domestically a Tech Pack will help bring you project to life in a fast and efficient manner.